Represent Us All was founded to address the need for diversity in children’s books. Children who see themselves in books are more likely to read books. Our goal is to inspire young readers and writers to include themselves in the books they read and write.

We provide after school programs for children to write, illustrate and “publish” their stories. The stories are made into hardbound books. Selected books are cataloged in the local library system and made available in the Young Authors section.

We hope this experience will inspire children to see themselves as authors and illustrators. Our goal is to increase the diversity in the pipeline of authors and illustrators.  #DiversityNow





Shyno Chacko is the founder of “Represent Us Alll”, a social enterprise advocating diversity and inclusion in children’s literature. Her company provides a venue for children of diverse backgrounds to write stories in which they can see themselves. 

Shyno is an Indian immigrant who grew up up in New York in the late 70’s, During her childhood, she rarely saw books in which the main character was depicted as ethnically diverse, differently-abled or of various socio-economic class.

After struggling to find books that showed diverse children as a natural element of an American community, she started writing her own stories. Shyno’s passion is for every child to see themselves in early childhood educational material.

Shyno is an active member of the Round Rock community and spends her free time volunteering with the Cub Scouts and the library.

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