Stories provide a way of understanding our place in the world. They provide us with a sense of belonging and helping establish our identities. Seeing ourselves in books helps us to identify how we fit in with our community. We need to see children of all backgrounds as part of the fabric of society and as characters in the books we read. During several fun-filled classes, we will write, illustrate and create a storybook. We encourage students to put themselves in the book and celebrate their uniqueness. We will learn the basic techniques of story writing and use a variety of mediums to illustrate the book. All students will take home a finished illustrated hard cover book.

Throughout the course, children are exposed to books with characters of different ethnic, socio-economic and ability backgrounds.  Our goal is to inspire these young authors and illustrators to become our next generation of children’s literature creators.

Registration for our spring break class at the Round Rock library coming soon!


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